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Stress? Insomnia? Try this drink!

Stress at work? Insomnia at night? What is the best way to bring back the "QI" when you are too tired? 

I suggest you to try this miracle drink that will help. It is very simple... it will be prepare in 5 minutes time.
What you need? 
What you need to do?

Longan 6 pieces

Red dates 6 pieces

Fried the red dates a little while without oil. This to soften the skin and the nutrients of red dates easily dissolve when boiling with water.
Boil the longan and red dates with 200ml water.

This drink can help to rejuvenating and keep you fresh and give you strength and achieving a better health.

Walnut with sesame powder is a wonder creation

Have you ever wonder what can walnut and sesame powder do to you?

Sesame powder treats injury weakness, supplements the five internal organs, benefits the qi and strengthens, fortifies the flesh, and fills the marrow and brain. Long term use lightens the body and delays aging.

Walnut is sweet, warm and not toxic. It enters the kidney channel. Its moistening function can generate essence, benefits the kidney fire. It can cure lumber pain and has a magical effects.

I have been taking walnut and sesame powder ever since 2 years back, i can see my hair is turning from white to black...  in addition,  i do not have much hair drops compared to earlier... 

Walnut will benefit your brain, you will be more alert and can avoid Alzheimer when getting older.

Just try walnut and sesame powder and discover the wonder!

Food that will boost breastmilk supply

After my second pregnancy, here i have compiled the food that will boost my breastmilk supply for your info and reference:

  1. Fenugreek
  2. Oats
  3. Durians
  4. Fish
  5. Japanese Seaweed soup, eg wakame, kombu seaweed
  6. dark yellow fruit and vegy like carrot, tomato
  7. Red bean soup boiled with a handful of black eye beans. A bowl every night before bed.
  8. green papaya
  9. red dates + black dates + tong sam + bei hei + longan
  10. Pork Leg with Yellow bean soup
  11. abalone
  12. barley
  13. radish
  14. artichoke
  15. White cordyceps
  16. chatime milk tea

If you feel like to boost your breastmilk please take at least 3litres of water everyday!

Of course, i would like to share with you that food will lower you supply. It will affect certain people and might not affect you. Just watch out if you feel like taking the below : -

  1. Cabbage
  2. dong guai mei/dong guai tail/
  3. guava
  4. ginseng
  5. sticky gluten
  6. Pork Liver
  7. San Cha
  8. Parsley / chinese coriander
  9. peppermint
Cheers all mommies!