How healthy are you?

To determine how healthy are you, check out your daily lifestyle whether you have any of this : -
  • Sleep before 11pm to have ensure you have enough sleep.
  • White dot on nail shows you have digestive problem, ensure a property diet to have a healthy lifestyle
  • Nail with stripes showing your body is tired, must relax yourself
  • Freckles on your face must control your emotion, this is due to stress and changing of hormone and menstrual cycle
  • Loss weight more than 20kg not due to diet and exercise can be caused by some decease
  • Feel to eat spicy food. When a person is tired, he tend to eat something with strong taste or favour. This will affect the our internal organs under stress and cause us tired and and lower antibody
  • Main meal or carbo is important to ensure we have enough nutrition.
  • Thirsty is due to body fluid loss and phlegm resistance. This is one sign of stress and anxiety.
  • Always feel tired due to deficiency of our body energy.
  • Regularly hands and feet feel cold. This is due to poor peripheral circulation of body.

Heart Vein Opening

Check out the follow for Heart Vein Opening, this work on young and elderly for healthy lifestyle. Take this a spoon daily before breakfast to take care our precious and only heart.

Ingredients For Making Heart Vein Opening Drink :
1 cup Apple cider vinegar
1 cup Lemon juice
1 cup Ginger juice
1 cup Garlic juice

Mix all above and simmer in low heat for about 60 minutes or till solution reduces to 3 cups.
Remove solution to cool, then mix 3 cups of natural honey and store it in a jar.
Apple cider

Lemon juice

Ginger juice

garlic juice

Your vein’s blockage will open in most cases. Take care our heart, Enjoy your drink, Taste good!

Five best ways to get you to avoid constipation

Do you have any constipation problem? I find out these the top 5 ways to avoid constipation : -
  1. Drink water with empty stomach in the early morning before food
  2. Drink yogurt

  3. Have a cup of coffee for breakfast
  4. Drink rose tea with honey date instead of plain water
  5. Take chili in one of the 3 meals.